How to update the firmware

Note:  Make sure the camera is connected to a power source or has more than 70% batter.

 1. Download the firmware to the SD card root directory(The file name is “FWHT108M.bin"), then put the SD card into the  device.

 2. Turn on the camera, the system program will update automatically, about 1-3 minute, update successful the camera automatically turn on.

3. After updating, the camera will turn on automatically, it means that the updating had finished, then take out the TF card and delete the file

 'FWHT108M.bin', or format the TF Card in the camera(If the firmware file not delete, when you turn on the camera,the system program will update automatically again).

4.Update finished, the Version is: 2017***V2.0.  PS: 2017***V2.0 is the firmware no.

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